Genesis G300 Aurora Lite bank review and price


Genesis is one of the studio light product that is manufactured by Aurora lite bank. This korean manufactures lights that are way better than chinese manufacturers however it is not comparable to those western brand.  Recently we have added a few extra G300  monolights  into our studio.  The the G300 would be the least most powerful lights on the G series.  G300 comes with typical studio lights feature such as cooling fans, slave cells and power adjuster.

At around 3 Kg , this is quite light compared to other lights that we own so it’s still suitable for portable use.  The aluminium casing built is good comparative to some of the el cheapo Chinese studio lights that we own and threw away before. We actually bought one of these but it burnt down a few days later,  however our distributor was kind enough to loan us other light units so that gave us the confident on the product service offered

At 0.5 ~1.5sec refresh rate, this is comparatively slower to other lights. But since we are doing mainly product photography, there no issues on this. G300 comes with a beep indicator when the flash is fully charged. Modeling lamp and power of the flash can be adjusted with the power knob. The light comes with alarm beep in case there are overheating.

The older lights of the G300 survived for a few years without breakage. We will definitely go for Aurora or Profoto when we need addition to our lights in the future


Price Malaysia  

RM 1400 (lights only)





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